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Headspace (Cranial Osteopathy)

By Silsden Osteopathy, Jul 26 2017 12:35PM

Cranial osteopathy is a gentle approach to manipulating the cranial bones of the skull. The treatment is commonly associated with treating babies to help with sleep, irritability, colic symptoms, and head shapes such as flat head syndrome associated with the baby laying in mostly one position. A baby's skull is very soft and mobile which allows for the head to pass through the birth canal and also gives room for rapid brain development.

The idea of osteopathy helping babies is to assist the body to “open out” and “unravel” itself. The birth process can be traumatic for mother and baby and osteopathic treatment aims to relieve the tension and strains of the skull from the birth process.

The still point

The natural pulsation within the nervous system is a key aspect to health which can be felt through the head and other areas of the body. This wave, when felt, can be influenced with gentle subtle techniques by applying pressure during phases of the cranial rhythm. This process is very relaxing, having a profound effect on the nervous system that initiates relaxation. Still point is the pause after the pulse of the cerebro-spinal fuid flowing into the skull which lasts for a couple of seconds to a minute. This still point is enhanced through the cranial osteopathic technique and a physical and/or emotional release can happen. The structures that the techniques are aimed at are the cerebrospinal fluid and its flow throughout the spine and head, the movement and function of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, the autonomic nervous system (which slows you down and relaxes the body) and other tissues surrounding the head and neck.

Consider osteopathic treatment for:

- Torticollis (wry neck)

- Flat head syndrome and other head shapes

- Colic symptoms

- Sleep, irritability

- Traumatic birth

- Trouble latching on during feeding

Cranial Osteopathy need not be restricted to babies. Young children and adults can benefit with treatment for individuals suffering symptoms such as:

- Headache

- Migraine

- Neck and head pain from Trauma from traffic accidents & whiplash associated disorder

- Anxiety

- Sinus pain

- Insomnia

What to expect in treatment:

Cranial Osteopathy is a relaxing treatment around the head, neck and face with treatment sometimes extending to the lower back and limbs. Some people feel gentle sensations through the body and it is common to fall asleep. Other people are unaware of anything happening but feel different and relaxed after treatment.

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