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New: Testimonial Tuesday #1

By silsdenosteopathy, Nov 11 2014 06:12PM

Testimonial Tuesday is an opportunity to hear stories from our patients about how osteopathy has helped them. Here's number 1:

Name: Ed

Age: 27

Occupation: PhD Student

Sport: Road Cycling

"I went to see Amy after suffering with cycling-related pain in my hip and down my leg, a problem which had been dragging on for well over a year without a successful diagnosis.

After talking through the symptoms and some exploratory manipulation, Amy diagnosed my pain and explained that it was caused by muscular and joint imbalances in my hips and pelvis. A short course of manipulation and some follow-up stretching and I'm pain free and feeling better on the bike than I have for several years."

Often, aches and pains that have been lingering for a long time that you just learn to live with can be easily settled with a short course of treatments. Don't live with pain! Come and discuss your concerns with an expert.

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