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Testimonial Tuesday #2

By silsdenosteopathy, Nov 18 2014 05:59PM

Name: Dave

Age: 41

Occupation: Energy Consultant

Sport: Road Cycling/Cyclocross/Time Trial

"I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain for over 10 years as a result of a bicycle crash.

At it's worst the pain was unbearable. Far worse than any toothache, and genuinely 2 or 3 times more painful than a subsequent bike crash that left me requiring 50 stitches in my face. I was unable to sleep, had to stand under the shower to ease the pain, and it would leave me crying at my desk at work.

I had made frequent visits to my GP including the practice's musculoskeletal specialist. The response had always been one of treating the pain by packing me off with a 3 month supply of cocodamol.

In my attempts to find a solution I had visited a handful of sports physiotherapists; had tried sports massage and acupuncture. These helped ease the immediate pain, but not for long.

I had experienced limited success with 3 different chiropractors.

Amy very quickly assessed the cause of the problem and set about proviging a practical programme that recognised that I still need to ride my bike and have to travel with work.

I now have infrequent treatment from Amy coupled with exercises and stretches (including on te bike) so that we now manage the issue and prevent it from actually ever becoming a problem again. Thanks Amy"

The benefits of osteopathy being a private form of primary health care mean that we have the time to spend with patients to really get to the root cause of the issue. This includes a full case history and in depth examination procedure, with plenty of time to discuss the diagnosis, treatment plan and get on with treatment if necessary. If you are deemed unsafe to treat or not suitable for osteopathic treatment, we will always refer you on to the relevant health professional to make sure you receive the specialist care that you need.

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